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Beethoven with Karina Gauvin
Brahms with Anton Kuerti
Jōruri by Minoru Miki
Mendelssohn with Angèle Dubeau
Mozart with Lyne Fortin
Río de Sangre by Don Davis, with Guido LeBron
Verismo with Diana Soviero

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Composer, Minoru Miki
Composer, Minoru Miki, 50KB
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We are delighted to be able to share about two and a half minutes of Joruri, an opera by Minoru Miki.

This excerpt features Nanae Yoshimura on the koto and Joseph Rescigno conducting.

©1985, ZEN-ON Music Company Ltd. Joruri was available in video and laser disk format from DREAMLIFE Corporation, Tokyo, but is currently unavailable. Rescigno, who conducted the world première, also conducted the commercial recordings.


This 2 minutes, 29 seconds is from the finale of Joruri:

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