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12/3/95: Is it possible that a company would ever post messages asking for .wav files from us instead of doing the dreaded “cattle calls”? I’d love to hear where you think the Internet will fit in the operatic world. Specifically, do you think it will ever replace or reduce the need for managers?

I can not imagine the Internet’s replacing live auditions. However, I can imagine directories or indexes of singers, conductors, etc. with their repertoire lists. This would be especially helpful in finding performers who can fill in on very short notice and could facilitate replacing last-minute cancellations or singers who become ill during rehearsal. But I would still value a manager or some other “control” over the performer’s description and its accuracy.

I think that, as Christ said of the poor, managers will always be among us :-). More to the point, a good agent may be even more important in the negotiation phase than in the marketing arena.

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